This is the plain quality vanilla, the less wrought type. It is made up of all the vanilla that cannot be featured in the other categories, mostly because their size is shorter than 13 cm. The vanillin level of cuts vanilla is globally lower, yet it is highly valued by manufacturers thanks to its interesting price. Please note that the cuts sold by INOVA VANILLE are cut or not cut according to your choice.

The Cuts vanilla may be split or not split, with uncut sizes between 6 cm to 17 cm. Short, cut, and often split fruit, typically with substandard aroma and color.

Properties Cuts vanilla
Length (cm) Shorter than 13 cm
Vanillin content (%) 1.0 to 1.8 %
Moisture content (%) 20 to 25 %
Color Brown
Quality available No split or split
Classification Basic
Scientific name Bourbon
Packaging In 20 kg cardboard boxes
Option Cut or uncut