An Outstanding Vanilla The black Madagascar vanilla is believed to be the best vanilla in the world. It is a flexible and fleshy vanilla with chocolate effluvia, and has always garnered worldwide recognition from the food industry. The Gourmet vanilla is used mostly by Europeans and Japanese consumers. The gourmet vanilla is supple with oily luster. The Gourmet black vanilla is not split, and its size is 15 cm or longer.

Properties The gourmet black vanilla
Length (cm) Longer than 15 cm (Grade A)
Vanillin content (%) 1.8 % to 2.4 %
Moisture content (%) 30 to 35%
Color Black
Quality available No split
Classification Pure premium quality / Gourmet
Scientific name Vanilla planifolia / Bourbon
Packaging In 20 kg cardboard boxes 2 vacuums-packed bags Bootee with strings